I miss you so much

please come back

I can't let you go

You're never gonna love me, so what's the use?
What's the point in playing a game you're gonna lose?

I don't wanna admit, but we're not gonna fit
No, I'm not the type that you like
Why don't we just pretend?

You only ever touch me in the dark
Only if we're drinking can you see my spark
And only in the evening that you give yourself to me
Cause the night is your woman, and she'll set you free

I just want it to be perfect
To believe it's all been worth a fight

I want your whiskey mouth all over my blond south

you've got to let me in or let me out

This movie,About a Boy,always makes me cry... and laugh!

I got that summertime sadness

Oh how you walked through the dark and love destroyed you


I miss u everyday

and you're so close

but still a world away

can't stop crying

but I want to stop

are you hurting the one you love?

There is a road. There is a way. There is a place.

we can cross rivers with our will

life is like a flame
and the ashes for wasting
so honey don't be afraid
to dance while we're waiting

everyday I fight a war against the mirror

sexy classy sassy

my chain hits my chest when I'm banging on the dashboard

speaking of M.I.A.... here's her latest music video, came on thursday


let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain

wining and dining, drinking and driving,
excessive buying, overdosin', dyin',
on our drugs and our love,
and our dreams and our rage
blurring the lines,
between real and the fake
dark and lonely,
I need somebody to hold me

the innocence is gone

ay amor, fue una tortura perderte


darkness fills my heart with calmness

Night air has the strangest flavor
Space to breathe and time to savor
All that night air has to lend me
Till the morning makes me angry
In the night air
The night air

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